The Center for Spiritual Living Cape Coral offers practical, spiritual tools for anyone seeking a deeper connection with God, Spirit, a Higher Power, or Universal Truths – in other words, we are here for you! Regardless of your religious or spiritual background, at CSLCC you’ll find the inspiration that will deepen your connection with Spirit, enhance your mystical journey and recalibrate your life.

We are a diverse, inter-generational community that honors all paths to the Divine. The Center provides a safe, uplifting place for those who consider themselves “spiritual, but not religious.” We offer practical spiritual applications for daily living based on ancient wisdom and sacred traditions from around the world … In other words, a church “for the rest of us.”

Together we enjoy a sense of caring, ease and fun. Join us – chances are you’ll find people just like you!

We honor everyone’s spiritual path and support each individual in her/his pursuit of the values that we have adopted as a community. As a community we practice radical inclusivity as we look through the eyes of Spirit into the eyes of Spirit.


To express the love that is the love Spirit for Self and each member of the Spiritual community.


To know that each member is living a life that is love filled, healthy, wealthy, and fully expressed. All are flourishing as their lives expand in new and dynamic ways each day.


To be actively involved with a unified, dynamic grouip of people with common practices, to serve and rely upon on another, make decisions and create together, identify themselves as part of a larger common unity, and commit themselves for the term to their own well-being and that of each other and the group.


To be thankful for everything that is my life today. Eo express this attitue of gratitude with everyone.

Spirit and Spiritual Growth

To be dedicated to an ever deepening relationship with our higher selves and the Divine. And, to know that the One, the Creator, unchangeable Truth is not a peson but the Prinicple of Life, creative intelligence itself.


To embrace fun, lightness, spontaneity, joy and lightness of being.

Our Vision

To create a world that works for everyone.

Our Mission

To provide spiritual tools for personal and global transformation.

Our Purpose

To awaken humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence.

What we believe

  • We believe that we are co-creators with the Divine and that you can change your entire life by changing your mind.
  • We believe in ONE God expressing through every living being.
  • We believe that God is personal to everyone and makes itself known to all who recognize Its presence.
  • We believe that God is love and creates only out of a desire to express love.
  • We believe and trust that God (The Universe) supports the highest and greatest good for all.
  • We believe that our thought is creative and that how we choose to think creates our personal experience.
  • We believe that by changing the way we think, we can change our lives.
  • We believe in the unity of all life and the immortality of the individual soul forever unfolding.
  • We believe in the eternal goodness, the eternal loving-Kindness, and the Givingness of life.

We believe that life is good, that God is all there is, and that love is the only power. We are a welcoming and inclusive community of inspired individuals caring for and about each other and the entire planetary family, bringing the gifts of active compassion and kindness to the world. Our purpose is to transform lives, build dreams, and reveal God through education, music, prayer, service, generosity, and play.

What we teach

Our lessons are inspired by many modern teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Mary Morrissey, Joel Goldsmith and more. Back of all these works are the teachings created during the Transcendental Movement. Many brilliant works surfaced at that time, and the author we follow most closely is Ernest Holmes.

Ernest Holmes used the terms “Science of Mind”, which is the title of the in which he describes a synthesis of the truths running through all of the religions of the world, and “Science of Mind” interchangeably. He believed that religion and science were truly complementary, and named his organization the Church of Science of Mind to show that. He believed that, eventually, science would prove what the mystics have been saying for thousands of years about the nature of God, human beings, and the Universe. His beliefs have been borne out by many modern scientists, who have found that the universe is truly made up of energy. Science of Mind, along with all of the mystics of the ages, knows that that energy is God.

Science of Mind is a spiritual philosophy for the modern man and woman. It is based on the Truth which arises in every culture in the form of science, philosophy, and religion. Science of Mind views religion as a source of wisdom for revealing the Truth about the seemingly unknown forces that shape our universe. This enables us to participate in our own life as a co-creator with the Divine.

Earnest Holmes on Prayer:

Most men who believe in God believe in prayer; but our idea of prayer changes as our idea of God changes; and it is natural for each to feel that his way of praying is the correct way. But we should bear in mind that the prayers which are effective – no matter whose prayers they may be – are only effective because they embody certain universal principles which, when understood, can be consciously used.

Prayer is not an act of overcoming God’s reluctance, but should be an active acceptance of His highest willingness. Through prayer, we recognize a spiritual law that has always existed, and put ourselves in alignment with it.

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