Rev. Shell Redfern
Spiritual Director

When Rev. Shell found the Center for Spiritual Living Cape Coral, she found home. Always a seeker, Shell has studied many spiritual modalities and eventually committed to a life long study of Religious Science in 2004.

Shell was quick to become involved, first as a bookstore volunteer, and after a short time, bookstore manager. Between 2005 and 2012, she occupied many seats on the Board, including Secretary, Treasurer and President.

But really, teaching is her passion, and the Ministry that she stepped into upon graduating from ministerial school. She feels that it is key in our philosophy, and that Sundays are really just a reminder of what is learned in the classroom. She believes the real life changes come through the classes. As Spiritual Director, Rev. Shell gives many of the Sunday talks and continues to teach classes.

When asked how the Center has changed her life, she responded: “A better question would be how has it not changed my life. There is not a single area of my life that has been untouched by this beautiful teaching. My life has become an expanded, enriched, enlivening version of itself, and the changes continue to come. I love this teaching and am happy to share it with anyone and everyone who wish to hear about it.”


Rev. David Renae Jennings
Associate Minister

David lives to serve. His greatest joy is to help others find what they are looking for and get what they want. Facilitating spiritual growth and awareness though philosophical conversations in ways that contribute to “ah-ha” moments and “lights popping on,” is one of David’s favorite ways of serving.

David’s Spiritual Journey began many years ago and led him to know while there is only one God, there are many valid approaches all of which deserve honoring and respect. His ministerial training took place on campus at Unity Village in Missouri where his fellow ministerial students elected him president of their student organization. He completed his training and is a licensed minister of the Centers for Spiritual Living. He serves currently at the Center for Spiritual Living Cape Coral Florida as Associate Minister. David has a professional look and presentation with a markedly non-traditional flair and approach: it was probably all that rock and roll. He loves to find the humor in life and embrace it.

David enjoys a very successful career in sales and marketing all the while indulging in his love for live music performance and theater as an avocation.

Others have said of David: “…he is very powerful and confident, yet at the same time very gentle and receptive. He is extremely courteous to everyone and keeps the event flowing in such a way as to encourage and honor everyone’s time…he listens intently to each one’s contribution. In addition, he has an uncanny talent for understanding the core of what people are saying even when language culture or other communication challenges make it difficult…

Affirmative prayer is at the core of our spiritual practices. It is the technology through which the Truth of every individual is revealed. Our Prayer Team is comprised of our minister and licensed spiritual practitioners. The consciousness of prayer is the space from which all healing takes place and we believe healing is one of the primary purposes for our ministry. This team and its members are available on Sunday mornings to pray with you, the only requirement is that you request the prayer.

Our licensed spiritual practitioners are also available for sessions at other times. These individuals are not advisors or coaches, they are available to assist you to identify limiting thoughts and beliefs that may have been holding you back.

The term CORE represents Consciousness of Reality Evolving, and that is what our Practitioners stand for.

Our Licensed Practitioners are (pictured, left to right):
Mallika Davi, RScP
Barbara Gilfillan, RScP
Pam Lambert, RScP
John Corriel, RScP
Valerie Daeda, RScP

Rev. Shell Redfern
Rev. David Jennings

In Memoriam:
Tim Flower, RScP (1944 – 2014)
Elizabeth St. Martin, Practitioner Emeritus (1928-2018)

Patrick O’Briant – President
John Coriell, RScP – Vice President
Sylvia Lachapelle – Secretary
Karen Gidley – Treasurer
Rev. Shell Redfern
Rev. David Jennings

The Leadership Team is a combination of Music Team Leadership, Practitioner CORE members and the Leadership Council. Pictured, left to right, back row: Pam Lambert, John Coriell, Patrick O’Briant, Shell Redfern, Valerie Daeda, Vicki Jennings, David Jennings; Front row: Barbara Gilfillan, Karen Gidley and Silvia Lachapelle.

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