Affirmative prayer is at the core of our spiritual practices. It is the technology through which the Truth of every individual is revealed. Our Prayer Team is comprised of our minister and licensed spiritual practitioners. The consciousness of prayer is the space from which all healing takes place and we believe healing is one of the primary purposes for our ministry. This team and its members are available on Sunday mornings to pray with you, the only requirement is that you request the prayer.

Our licensed spiritual practitioners are also available for sessions at other times. These individuals are not advisors or coaches, they are available to assist you to identify limiting thoughts and beliefs that may have been holding you back.

The term CORE represents Consciousness of Reality Evolving, and that is what our Practitioners stand for.

Our Licensed Practitioners are:

John Corriel, RScP
Valerie Daeda, RScP
Mallika Davi, RScP
Karen Gidley, RScP
Pam Lambert, RScP
Melissa Tuff, RScP

In Memoriam:
Tim Flower, RScP (1944 – 2014)
Elizabeth St. Martin, Practitioner Emeritus (1928-2018)

Pam Lambert, RScP – President
Kay Atwood – Vice President
Karen Gidley, RScP – Secretary
Melissa Tuff, RScP – Treasurer
Cheryl Leeseberg – Trustee

CS Bylaws