8/12/18 Treatment Deals with Thought with Rev. Shell
8/5/18 How To Give A Spiritual Mind Treatment with Rev. Shell (You can download the slides HERE)

7/29/18 You Are A Spiritual Broadcasting Station with Rev. Shell
7/22/18 Let Us Not Fool Ourselves with Rev. David
7/15/18 The Consciousness That Heals with Rev. Shell

7/8/18 One Healer with Rev. Shell
7/01/18 Healing as a Revelation with Rev. Shell

6/24/18 How to Create a Spiritual Chain Reaction with Rev. Shell
6/17/18 Your Spiritual Bank Account with Rev. Shell

6/10/18 Your Invisible Forces with Rev. David
6/3/18 How Does God Know What I Am Doing with Rev. David

5/27/18 Principle and Precedent with Rev. Shell
5/20/18 Law of Mental Equivalents with Rev. David
5/13/20 Sequence of Creative Order with Rev. Shell
5/6/18 How Deep Is Your Well? with Rev. Shell

4/29/18 Build Your Tomorrow Today with Rev. David
4/22/18 I Am Eternally Young and Spiritually Mature! with Rev. Shell

4/15/18 God Talks To The Heart with Rev. Shell

4/8/18 The Individual and the Universal with Rev. Shell

4/1/18 The Lord is My Shepherd with Rev. Shell and Rev. David

3/25/18 The Self Evident Truth Within You with Rev. Shell
3/18/18 God’s Will with Rev. David

3/11/18 Your Impersonal Self with Rev. Shell – Intro Reading by Rev. David Jennings

3/4/18 The Highest and Best is Your Personal Self with Rev. Shell

2/25/18 Beliefs, Faith, and Prayer with Rev. Shell
2/18/18 Desire, Opinion and Revelation with Rev. Shell

2/11/18 What is Spirituality? with Rev. David
2/4/18 What is Religion? with Rev. Shell – Opening reading and treatment by Barbara Gilfillan, RScP

1/28/18 Thinking Affirmatively with Rev. Kathryn Brenson
1/21/17 Science, Superstition and Common Sense with Rev. Shell

1/14/18 Science of Mind – Using it with Rev. Shell

1/7/18 What is Science of Mind? with Rev. Shell

12/31/17 Visioning and Burning Bowl with Rev. Shell and Rev. David – If you would like your vision in to be prayed over this year, please either bring it to the Center or mail it to 605 SE 24th Ave. Cape Coral, FL 33990
12/24/17 So this is Christmas with Rev. Shell and Rev. David
Recording issues on 12/10 and 12/17 – But videos are online – please see video tab
12/03/17 Wandering Off Your Path with Rev. Shell

11/26/17 Money Is God In Action with Rev. David
11/19/17 The Grateful Heart with Rev. Shell

11/12/17 How To Reverse Financial Adversity with Rev. Shell
11/5/17 Your Future Begins In Consciousness with Rev. Shell

10/29/17 The Love That Lives Within with Rev. David
10/22/17 Practitioner Sunday – Today we hear from each of our Practitioners as they share their ministries and passion with the community. In order of appearance: Barbara Gilfillan, RScP; John Coriell, RScP; Pam Lambert, RScP; Mallika Davi, RScP; Valerie Daeda, RScP

10/15/17 Fear of Intimacy with Rev. Shell

10/08/17 Undefended Love with Rev. Shell
10/01/17 We Belong To Each Other with Rev. Shell

9/24/17 Your Life Isn’t For You with Rev. David
— Celebrations cancelled due to Hurricane Irma —
9/3/17 It’s All About ME! with Rev. Shell

8/27/17 Being Kind in a Cruel World with Rev. Shell
8/20/17 Kindness Towards Ourselves with Rev. Shell
8/13/17 Allowing What Is… with Rev. Shell
8/6/17 The Art of Inclusion with Rev. David












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